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Sullivan County, NY links

Sullivan County links

Some useful Sullivan County links...

People often identify Sullivan County, NY, as a particularly difficult place to do historical or genealogical research.  However, we offer free resources about Sullivan County history and genealogy, and are the leading publisher of Sullivan County-related materials.  And be sure to check our Sullivan County page -- where we believe we have developed the most comprehensive collection of Sullivan County material available online -- and we add to it regularly.

To some extent, even with all the materials we offer, Sullivan County is still a difficult place to research.  We're happy to do our part to help publicize the resources that are available elsewhere on the internet.  


We currently recommend the following websites for information pertaining to all of Sullivan County or at least to a significant portions or aspects of it.    Click on the website address to go directly to the site mentioned.
The Sullivan County Historical Society (covers the entire county -- of course it's stronger in some townships than others, but SCHS is still an essential place to anchor a search) http://www.sullivancountyhistory.org
Archives of the Middletown, NY Times Herald-Record. (search each archived year for "John Conway".  Who's he?  He's the Sullivan County Historian, as well as being an Adjunct Professor of History at Sullivan County Community College.  He writes a regular column about Sullivan County history for that newspaper; definitely worth reading!) http://www.recordonline.com/search
John Conway columns from the Sullivan County Democrat  To our delight, John has set up a website to make make his columns from the Weekender edition of this paper available.  Good news for anyone interested in Sullivan County history! http://www.sullivanretrospect.com/
Minisink Valley Historical Society (not strictly Sullivan County, but there's plenty of Sullivan County material here).   http://www.minisink.org
Neversink Valley Area Museum (not strictly Sullivan County, but particularly strong in two areas:  the D&H Canal, and the early movie making industry) http://www.neversinkmuseum.org
Roscoe O&W Museum (given the O&Ws rise and fall, and its role in the County, this site is important -- and particularly for its locale in the northern end of the county) http://www.nyow.org/museum.html
The Catskills Institute (to much of the world, Sullivan County is synonymous with the fabled "Borscht Circuit".  Now, there is an academic institute located at Brown University that studies the history and sociology of the Jewish experience in the Catskills.  You definitely don't have to be Jewish to appreciate what's on this site and all the effort that has gone into collecting and maintaining it!)   http://www.brown.edu/Research/Catskills_Institute/


Delaware County makes up much of the northern border of Sullivan County.  There's also been a fair amount of migration between the two counties over the years.  They do an impressive amount of local history and genealogy compilation on a volunteer basis in Delaware County, and here's a website that reflects their hard work.   http://www.dcnyhistory.org/


The Eastern Catskills are the primary focus of this excellent website, which also has Borscht Belt and railroading material.  New and highly recommended!! http://www.catskillguide.com/index.htm


For the Town of Highland, we're delighted to recommend the work one of our good customers, Louise Smith, has done and continues to do with local and family history.  If the Town of Highland in general (as well as surrounding Townships), and Eldred (originally Halfway Brook) in particular, is of interest to you, we urge you to visit her blog and bookstore.  .  http://www.halfwaybrook.com

Sullivan County material right here at Between the Lakes Group:  

Place names in Sullivan County that have changed or vanished Place names in Sullivan County that have changed 
Directory of family history websites specializing in a Sullivan County family Family sites for Sullivan County families
Our pages on Child's Gazetteer of Sullivan County,  NY for 1872-73. Sullivan County:  Gazetteer and Business Directory
Our pages on the Town of Liberty (includes additional links) Memories of Liberty, NY
Our pages on the Town of Fallsburgh (includes additional links) Town of Fallsburgh
Our pages on the Town of Neversink (includes additional links) Town of Neversink
Now available:  Quinlan's History of Sullivan County. Quinlan's History of Sullivan County
Now available:  a variety of downloads of Sullivan County history on our Sullivan County page Download Sullivan County history
Here are some more specialized Sullivan County links NOT under the control of Between the Lakes Group.  We've found content in them that we think our visitors might enjoy, and are happy to share them with you. We'll be adding more links here as we learn about them.  Do you have a favorite link that applies to Sullivan County or some part of it?  Tell us about it!  Whether it's a non-profit organization site, an individual site, or a business site -- as long as it has content helpful to people interested in the history or genealogy of Sullivan County, we'll check it out and list it here.  Simply send us an e-mail at info@betweenthelakes.com
Town of Fremont -- new to us, but a really nice town site.  The history section, with articles from the Sullivan County Democrat, is especially strong.  Town of Fremont
Town of Bethel -- a town site that goes beyond what you might expect.  Information about the Woodstock Festival, as well as local history info.  Town of Bethel
Livingston Manor -- Historic and genealogical material about this village in the Town of Rockland. Growing all the time! Livingston Manor
Town of Mamakating -- a new site about an old Sullivan County township. Site is still under development, but worth a visit! Town of Mamakating
Wurtsboro -- The present and the past of this Sullivan County village.  Nice historical pics! Wurtsboro
Woodstock 69 -- a trip back to the Woodstock Festival (which, of course, wasn't really in Woodstock; it happened in Sullivan County!) The 1969 Woodstock Festival
Smallwood -- a relaxed look at the place Smallwood
Interested in more information about the Old Neversink and the general area -- or the general subject matter of lost towns or Sullivan County?  Here are some worthwhile links:  
Neversink and Lost Communities:

Old Neversink is not the only small town lost to the New York City Board of Water Supply.   Bearsystems.com has a particularly good page about lost towns in our part of New York State that's definitely worth your time to investigate.  Highly recommended!! 

"Lost Towns"

And, for ghost towns throughout the USA, we are happy to recommend the folks who have actually written a book about the subject.  Ghost Towns USA has a great website, and we think you'll enjoy it.  To visit it,  

 Ghost Towns

NYC Reservoir System:

As critical as it was to the village of Neversink Flats, there's lots more to the NYC Water Supply system than the Neversink Reservoir.  Bearsystems.com again comes through with a comprehensive overview.  Check their Reservoirs pages.

NYC Reservoirs

New York Ontario & Western Railroad Historical Society:

The O&W snaked through Sullivan County, favoring some towns and slighting others.  At least during the century  that the "Old Woman" was the principal means of freight and passenger transport in Sullivan County, the communities on the railroad prospered, and those off it withered.  ("Prospered" is a relative term, of course).  The NYO&W Historical Society has plenty of information and pictures.

The New York, Ontario & Western Railroad Historical Society

Tri-Valley Central School:

Tri-Valley has been the school serving the Town of Neversink since (at least) the 1950s.  It's located in Grahamsville, about a mile from the Rondout Reservoir (another part of the NYC Water Supply).  If you scan the names in their alumni directory and in the photos of their reunion classes you'll find a surprising number of the names that appear on this website show up -- especially those in Eugene Cross' 1910 diary.  Also noteworthy:  the school also has a major project underway to study the reservoirs -- definitely worth a look.  Catch up with Tri-Valley.

Web site of Tri-Valley Central School, Grahamsville, NY

Liberty, New York:

We would be remiss if we didn't refer you to our own site and bring you some Memories of Liberty.  (Of course, you might want to check our catalog for other CD's of interest -- and don't overlook the ability to search our entire website.  Many people have been surprised at what they've found).

Memories of Liberty, New York to read about the Liberty CD-ROMs

Catskill Center for Conservation and Development:

The Catskill Center, although oriented more toward the "High Catskills" area than the portion of this mountain range n Sullivan County, is definitely worth a visit.  Their site has particularly strong coverage of the geomorphology of the region and the background of the NYC Water Supply system.  Their maps are also very helpful in understanding how proximity affected immigration where Neversink and Rockland are concerned.  Take some time exploring Catskill Center.

The Catskill Center for Conservation and Development

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