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Below are links to some of the sections, subject matter and more popular pages on this website (as well as to the all-important state pages):

New York State:


We have more New York State material -- both downloads and CD-ROMs -- than any other state.  In fact, we have some material on every county in the state (and there are a whole lot of them).


There's also some free material about

Sullivan County, NY


--Former place names in Sullivan County


--Links to family websites with a Sullivan County connection


--Links to Sullivan County history websites


--Sullivan County chapter from French's Gazetteer of the State of New York


--Scans of a family Bible that once belonged to one William Bonell (a/k/a Bonnell or Bunnell)






New Hampshire:




New Jersey:























We don't have as much material about Connecticut, but then again, Connecticut isn't as large as New York State. 


We also have some specialized material about

Litchfield County


The historic iron industry of the upper Housatonic River Valley is a particular interest of ours, so....

Iron: Traces of an industry in CT and MA


--Beckley Furnace photos


--Chronology of Iron in East Canaan


--Photos of William H. Barnum and family


--Topographic maps of the Beckley Furnace area





Rhode Island:






North Carolina:

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South Carolina:


Sometimes history just won't hold still and let us categorize it by a specific geographic area.  And sometimes a subject is only geographic in the vaguest sense -- it's a whole lot more than about a single place. 

Look for that kind of thing in our Americana section!  And don't miss our new Music section -- there's a lot of history in American popular music.

Military History:


Military history can be fascinating -- not just generals and battles, but really interesting aspects of history that have framed themselves in a military context.  Here's an example:  one of our summer interns developed a great interest in female spies!  Where else will you find material on that subject?


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