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Loomis Sanitorium Chapel, Liberty, Sullivan County, NY

(above) Old chapel at Loomis Sanitorium, Liberty, NY

Between the Lakes Group specializes in NYS and CT history

History, genealogy, and Americana,

specializing in New York State and Connecticut   


New York State:


We have New York State material about every county and about many of the towns and institutions in them.



New York State



Several of our offerings include family histories and geneaolgies


both college and high school -- for historians and genealogists (and for the memories)



Our current Connecticut material covers all of the counties as well as towns, villages, localities, institutions, and people.





Military History


Particularly important: the centennial of US entry into World War I




Our current Pennsylvania material covers a number of counties and a variety of topics.  Have a look!





FREE finding aids, including: 


--Sullivan County NY



--Litchfield County CT



--Resources about the Historic Iron Industry in Connecticut


South Carolina:


We have only one South Carolina item, but it's unique!  It's a piece of Confederate history you will not find elsewhere.







We have several scarce Maine items that may interest you.





Trinity Lime Rock in Context - a History

Trinity Lime Rock in Context - a History

Our newest!!



Our Georgia material is limited but worth a look.




We want to help you in your search -- history, genealogy, or Americana.

Check our new, upgraded SEARCH PAGE


New Jersey


New Jersey is a state with fascinating history.  We're working on it!  Take a peek!



New Jersey




We have some excellent material from Massachusetts.  Have a look!





A list of organizations that are known by their initials 

Acronyms for Organizations




A few items from this historic state.








Our Kentucky collection, which includes some rare material, is growing.





History, genealogy, Americana: NY, CT, MA, SC, ME & beyond


A page of material -- social history, perhaps -- that doesn't really fit elsewhere, but that we think is interesting (even fascinating!)


Rhode Island:


Several Rhode Island items of interest.



Rhode Island





Interesting and unusual items from Indiana.





Lakeville Crucifix 

Some social history in New England

Lakeville Crucifix




We're just getting started with Illinois.






Some initial oferings from Ohio.




Colonial History

Interested in the history of the American colonies before the Revolution?  We are! 



Vermont is an interesting state with much material to offer.  We're only getting started here, but have a look anyway.




Temperance and Prohibition

Abuse of alcohol has been a theme through much of American history


New Hampshire:

Just getting started here -- take a look!


New Hampshire


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We've got answers!




How we do business

Our privacy policy, how we create our downloads, how to use our  downloads, and other frequently asked questions.  

Curious about us?




Our BLOG! 

The latest news from Between the Lakes Group, and an occasional insight.





Our initial Virginia offering -- but an important one.




North Carolina:


Just one item -- an important genealogy





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