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Delaware County, NY History

Delaware County, NY

We are happy to offer our initial items of genealogy and local history from Delaware County, NY, and we plan to offer additional ones soon.


Available for Download:

Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of Delaware County, NY for 1889

If one wants to get a concise sense of what people were actually talking about back in Delaware County, over 120 years ago, and very specifically in 1889, one is unlikely to find a better source than this one.  The volume includes minutes of the Supervisors’ annual meetings, lists – interminable lists – of expenditures incurred, laws passed, offices held, taxes levied and paid, and the issues that were addressed on a county-wide level back then.  Significantly, for those with an interest in railroad history, in this era the railroads like the New York, Ontario & Midland Railroad (later to become the New York Ontario & Western), as well as local short lines, were still expanding in Delaware County, with all the financial machinations and ramifications for local taxation that they brought with them.  98+ pages, in PDF format.  Download now for $4.25.

 Delaware County Supervisors Proceedings 1889

The Hancock High School, 1914 - 1915

A fascinating combination of yearbook, handbook, rulebook, and catalog for this small high school in Hancock, NY.  Plenty of illustrations as well.  The first time we've seen the duties of a school janitor spelled out in a publication nearly a century old!  Includes a list of all students all the way from first grade through the teacher training class.  90+ pages.  Download in PDF format, $3.00

 Hancock High School

Annual Announcement - Hancock High School, 1917 - 1918

This is a bit of an oddity – a combination all kinds of things that are school-related.  This is an interesting compendium.  On one hand, there are the applicable provisions of the compulsory attendance law.  On the other, there is a list of all the students from first grade on up, as well as a list of all the graduates and their current employment.  Photos include young men in the commercial department and a singularly depressing-looking classroom from the academic department.  It is of interest to anyone with ties in Hancock at that time, and to anyone studying the history of American public education.  61+ pages, PDF format.  Download now for $4.00

 Hancock HS 1917-1918

Delaware County chapter of French's Gazetteer of the State of New York (1860)

French's Gazetteer was for years the go-to source for information about any aspect of New York State.  There's a whole lot of Delaware County demographics and history found in just 11+ pages (PDF format).  The following localities are mentioned:  Andes, Cabin Hill, Shavertown, Trempers Kil, Bovina, Brushland, Mountain Brook, Colchester, Downsville, Pepacton, Davenport, Fergusonville, Davenport Center, West Davenport, Delhi, Franklin, Croton, North Franklin, Hamden, Lansingville, North Hamden, Hancock, Stockport Station, Lordsville, East Branch, Harvard, Partridge Island, Cadosia Valley, Harpersfield, North Harpersfield, North Kortright, Stamford, Kortright, Bloomville, Kortright Center, South Kortright, Masonville, Meredith, Ouleout, Meredith Square, West Meredith, Middletown, Margaretville, Griffins Corners, Clovesville, Solitude, Arkville, Dry Brook Settlement, Halcottsville, Spruceville, New Kingston, Clarks Factory, Lumberville, Roxbury, Moresville, Strattons Fall, Little Falls, Batavia Kil, Sidney, Sidney Center, Sidney Plains, Stamford, Hobart, Tompkins, Deposit, Cannonsville, Hales Eddy, Barbourville, Trout Creek, Dickinsons Station, Walton, New Road, and West Brook. If you have an interest in any aspect of Delaware County's past, this is a "must have".  $1.75.

 French's Gazetteer of the State of New York

Methodist Churches of the Long Eddy Charge (1953)

Includes Methodist churches at Goulds, French Woods, Pea Brook, Long Eddy, and Rock Valley.  Booklet includes the homecoming program for the French Woods church, and the "Milk Reunion" program for the Goulds church, as well as a history of the Long Eddy Charge.  See our Upper Delaware Valley page.


Delaware County chapter in Mather & Brockett's Geographical History of the State of New York (1848)

The authors seem to have rather short-changed Delaware County in this early gazetteer, but their coverage of the counties of the state is uneven.  However, three pages (of which a map makes up most of one) seems a bit skimpy for a county about which Jay Gould managed to write an entire book!  Nonetheless, because this book is an important part of the historical record, these three pages are probably important to the Delaware County historian or genealogist.  We also include two pages on the land grants and patents of New York State that are of general interest.  3++ paged, in PDF format, download now for $1.75.

 Delaware County in Mather & Brockett (1848)


Annual Catalog: Walton Public Schools, 1941 - 1942

It’s a bit of an oddity – a combination several school-related items specific to the Walton Public Schools.  This is an interesting compendium.  There is a list of all the students from first grade on up through post-graduates.  There’s the commencement information, for both high school and the two elementary schools.  The faculties, as well as their academic credentials, are included.  So are the text book lists for all grades, qualifications for various kinds of diplomas, and various scholarships.  The finances for the school system are included as well, perhaps to enable to reader to determine just how much money is applied to each of the curricula listed.  There are also four photos: the graduating seniors, and the three school buildings.  Whether your interest is genealogical or historical, if Walton at this point in time is on your radar, it is hard to believe that you will not find this book useful.   70+ pages, in PDF format.  Download now for $4.00.

 Walton Public Schools Catalog 1941-42



Delaware County items currently awaiting publication:


(We are continuing to acquire Delaware County material)


Delaware County was separated from Ulster and Otsego Counties in 1797.  You may also want to consult our Ulster County page and our Otsego County page for locations that may have been affected by this transaction.


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