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Delaware Valley history

Callicoon Historian:  the History of Callicoon and the Upper Delaware Valley

Several smaller items from the western end of Sullivan County and from Delaware County, NY.  This project is still taking shape.  Downloads of material about Callicoon, St. Joseph's Seminary, Hancock, Fremont, Douglas, Long Eddy, Jeffersonville, Lake Huntington, and Youngsville are currently available. 


We're still actively acquiring material and preparing what we already have for publication.  Be sure to let us know if the Upper Delaware is of interest to you.


The Callicoon Historian

By by J S. Graham (1892). Subtitled "A narrative of leading events in the history of the Delaware Valley, from the earliest times to the present day."  This is not one you encounter every day, to say the least.  There's a lot of history, and many short articles about locales, organizations, churches on both sides of the Delaware (i.e. there's some material on Wayne County, PA too!), as well as advertisements.  Only 63 pages, but definitely important.   Now available as a download.  $4.50 -- simply click the "buy now" button: 

Callicoon Historian





--Program of the 12th convention of the Delaware Valley Musical Association (1901)

--Old topographic maps of the area as well as a few old postcards


--Annual Announcement, Hancock HS, 1917-1918

History of the Franciscans at Callicoon, NY from 1895 to 1927.  

While the occasion of this publication was the dedication of the then-new chapel at the seminary, it includes additional information about Catholicity in Western Sullivan County.  Parishes mentioned include Holy Cross (Callicoon), St. Joseph’s Seraphic Seminary (to which Holy Cross was attached), St. Lucy’s (Cochecton), Our Lady of the Lake (Lake Huntington), St. George’s (Jeffersonville), St. Francis of Assisi (Youngsville), St. Patrick’s (Long Eddy), Sacred Heart of Jesus (Hankins), St. Francis Xavier (Narrowsburg), St. Anthony’s (Yulan), St. Bernardine of Sienna (Highland Lake), Sacred Heart of Jesus ( Pond Eddy), and St. Clare’s (North Branch).  There is also considerable descriptive material about the new chapel itself. 


You can purchase this 45+ page book as a download now or wait for the CD-ROM.  The price for the download is $4.00.   

Franciscans at Callicoon, NY

The applicable pages from Child's Gazetteer and Business Directory of Sullivan County for 1872-73

Hancock HS, 1914-1915  

(in our Delaware County section, available as a download)

The pages from that standard of Sullivan County history, Quinlan's History of Sullivan County that are applicable to the towns of Callicoon, Delaware, Cochecton and Fremont, including our own index.

The Town of Fremont

by Charles S. Hick (1951).  This is a series of short articles of Fremont history that originally appeared in the Sullivan County Democrat but was gathered in 1951 and re-printed in booklet form.  There's lots of information here; some that is of real historical interest, and some that's simply local color.

16+ pages, PDF format, download this material now for $2.50 or wait for the CD-ROM. 

 The Town of Fremont, Sullivan County, NY

Douglas, the Delaware Valley City

by Arthur N. Meyers.  This is the fascinating and rarely told story of a short-lived city in Long Eddy, NY. 

23 pages, PDF format, available now as a download for $3.00 -- simply click the "buy now" button to download it: 

Douglas, the Delaware Valley City

Methodist Churches of the Long Eddy Charge

(1953)  Includes Methodist churces at Goulds, French Woods, Pea Brook, Long Eddy, and Rock Valley.  Booklet includes the homecoming program for the French Woods church, and the "Milk Reunion" program for the Goulds church, as well as a history of the Long Eddy Charge.  27+ pages, PDF format, available now as a download for $2.50.  Click the "buy now" button to download it.

 Methodist Church, Long Eddy Charge

Gertrude Barber's 1929 collection of the records of the First Presbyterian Church of Lake Huntington.  7+ pages. The register of pastors, elders, communicants, baptisms, marriages, and deaths is short indeed, but for someone with ancestors named here, of considerable value.  In PDF format.  Download now for $2.00.

 Lake Huntington Presbyterian Church Records

Gertrude Barber's 1929 collection of the Old Youngsville Cemetery.  10 pages.

The price for the download in PDF format is $2.75 -- simply click the "buy now" button: 

Old Youngsville Cemetery

Three Jeffersonville Cemeteries

Collected by Gertrude Barber (1930): 1.  Lutheran Cemetery, 2.  Presbyterian Cemetery, 3.  Methodist Cemetery.  Gertrude Barber, the person who collected and transcribed these cemeteries, deserves our thanks for this effort.  She spent her summers in the Sullivan County area, and during the winters transcribed her work using a manual typewriter and six carbons.  Not many people at the time were interested in this area, and were it not for her efforts, much of the information on these stones would be lost.  Download now in PDF format.  16+ pages, $3.25. 

 Jeffersonville Cemeteries

Youngsville Cemetery and Old Mouthrop Cemetery in Kenoza Lake.  13+ pages from Mrs. Barber's volume VI of Sullivan County material, these inscriptions were collected by her during the summer of 1930.  In PDF format, download now for $3.00

 Youngsville and Old Mouthrop Cemeteries

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