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Sullivan County, NY History

Several years ago, we re-published a real classic,

Sullivan County, New York

Since then, several free downloads of that volume have become available.  We we could see that there wasn't much point of keeping the CD-ROM in our catalog, and that it might be a disservice to our customers to ask them to pay for something that they could have had for free elsewhere.  Hence, we discontinued the CD-ROM.  (If you would liket to find free version -- and Quinlan is absolutely THE go-to source on early Sullivan County -- here's a good place to download it for free.)

There is one problem with Quinlan's History.  It has no index.  Of course, creating indexes was as difficult and time-consuming back when Quinlan wrote his history as it is today, so we cannot fault him for omitting it  However, its absence is a lasting defect.  We decided that we could add value, so we indexed it ourselves.

Here's what we said when we created that CD-ROM:

Quinlan's: with a new and complete index

That's right!  We at Between the Lakes Group did the indexing job that the author skipped, and you can download it here for $2.50.

Click below to download THE index to Quinlan's History:



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