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About CD-ROMs

 Help in case your CD does not start automatically

When you loaded your CD-ROM, did you get a message similar to this?

Active content pop-up message

Many people do, and some have told us that it concerns them -- makes them worry about using our CD-ROMs!

Here's a little information about what "active content" is, how that applies to our CD-ROMs, and why it's okay to permit active content to run from our CD-ROMs.

QUESTION:  Just what does "active content" mean?

Answer:  Basically, it means any situation where a step you take -- like loading a CD-ROM -- initiates a series of steps that are under the program control.  Computer people refer to these as "ActiveX Controls" or "Scripts" and they are used to enhance your viewing experience.  However, like any technology, there is always the possibility that some unscrupulous person will abuse it. That is why this message appears.

QUESTION:  What should I do when I get this message?

Answer:  Evaluate the source of the CD-ROM that you've loaded. Reputable businesses that value your patronage will not create CD-ROMs that do anything beside their intended purpose. 

QUESTION:  It's annoying to see this message.  How can I prevent seeing it again?

Answer:  Microsoft has made that part easy.  You'll notice the check box in the message that says "In the future, do not show this message" is pre-checked.  That means that, if you leave the box checked, and click "Yes" you will not be bothered with the message again -- at least until you make changes to your browser.  In our experience, the fact that Microsoft has pre-checked the box is an indication that this is not what they view as a serious threat. 

QUESTION:  How can I learn more about active content and security?

Answer:  A great place to start is by clicking the "What you should know about active content" hyperlink in the message.  It will lead to a complete, and not overly technical, discussion of the subject.  But be prepared to spend some time exploring the various topics it covers!

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