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Essex County, NY History

Essex County, New York history


We are happy to offer our first items of genealogy and local history from Essex County, NY, and we plan to offer additional items of historical interest soon.


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The Essex County chapter in Mather & Brockett's Geographical History of the State of New York (1848).  The coverage here is quite complete, with emphasis on the historical aspects, not surprisingly.  In addition to the five pages specifically about Essex County, we also include the section of Mather & Brockett about land grants and patents in New York State.  5++ pages, in PDF format, download now for $2.50.

Essex County, NY in Mather & Brockett (1848)


The Essex County chapter from French's Gazetteer of the State of New York (1860). Here is a look at Essex County a bit over a decade after Mather & Brockett's treatment of the subject.  The localities mentioned in boldface type in this chapter, most of which are still extant today, are:  Chesterfield, Keeseville, Port Kent, Port Douglas, Port Kendall, Birmingham Falls, Crown Point, Hammonds Corners, Irondale, Elizabethtown, New Russia, Essex, Whallonsfurgh, Boquet, Jay, Au Sable Forks, Upper Jay, Keene, Lewis, Minerva, Olmsteadville, Moriah, Port Henry, Newcomb, Adirondack, North Elba, Saranac Lake, North Hudson, Dead Water Iron Works, St. Armand, Bloomingdale, Schroon, Schroon Lake, Schroon River, Ticonderoga, Lower Falls, Upper Falls, Ti Street, Westport, Wadhams Mills, Willsborough, Willsborough Falls, and Wilmington.  This chapter also includes a one page woodcut or etching with views of Lake George and Indian Pass.  13+ pages, in PDF format, download now for $3.00.

Essex County NY from French's Gazetteer (1860)


Charity in New York State in 1906: State Institutions.  This chapter from volume II of the Annual Report of the State Board of Charities for the year 1906 contains a section about the New York State Hospital for the Treatment of Incipient Pulmonary Tuberculosis, located in Raybrook, Essex County.  See our New York State Miscellany page for more information about this chapter.


Essex County was separated from Clinton County in 1799.  You may also want to consult our Clinton County page for locations that may have been affected by this transaction.


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