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Military History

Women Spies in American History

One of our research interests concerns the role of women who have been spies in America's conflicts.  We are grateful for the contributions of one of our summer interns, Eleanore Jenks, who initially suggested this topic as one that might be of interest, and who began the collection, and, with a little bit of luck, will continue to curate it.  Thanks, Elli!

Here's a page of our initial offerings.  Check back often for additions.  Our intern says she will keep her eyes open!

Currently available:

Rose Greenhow, in Pinkerton's Spy of the Rebellion

Our first offering in our new Women Spies Collection. This chapter, from Allan Pinkerton's famous (and somewhat self-serving) book about his own exploits in the Civil War, concerns Rose Greenhow the famous Confederate spy in Washington D.C. Download in PDF format 24+ pages, $2.50

 Rose Greenhow, Civil War


Patience Wright, America's First Female International Spy

An article about Patience Wright, an international spy on the side of the United States, during the Revolutionary War.  The article appears in The Lure of the Litchfield Hills  - Volume XX, no. 3, Winter 1960.  See our Litchfield County CT page for more information on downloading the entire issue.



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