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History of Emory: Alumni Register for 1910

We are pleased to announce the first in what we hope will be a series of publications of historical reference material pertaining to the State of Georgia and its institutions:


The Occupation and Address Register of the Graduates of Emory College, 1910.   

Emory College -- now Emory University -- graduated its first class in 1841.  Historically a Methodist college, early on Emory's stated mission was to produce Methodist clergy for the South.  They were quite effective at this -- as of 1910, of the 1079 living graduates some 168 were ministers, outnumbered only by the 191 who were teachers.  This historic Alumni Register includes all 1079 of Emory's then-living alumni.

As of the year of publication of this directory, Emory was substantially a Georgia school.  Of those 1079 living graduates, some 756 resided in Georgia, and fully 157 of them in Atlanta.  Washington, DC, boasted 14 Emory grads, while New York City claimed only 13.

The volume, a copy of which was furnished to each living graduate at the time of publication at the expense of the Emory Alumni Association, includes the following historical information:

  • Alphabetical list of all graduates who were then living, showing class
  • Alumni trustees
  • All alumni who had not been located (whether presumed dead or not)
  • Members of Emory's Board of Trustees
  • Class rolls for every class Emory had graduated through 1910
  • The 1910 Emory College calendar
  • Emory's faculty
  • A short history of Emory College
  • Officers of the Alumni Association since its inception
  • A biographical sketch of Judge W. L. Chambers, Alumni Orator, 1909
  • Statistics of occupation for all living graduates
  • Summary of the geographical index

This publication will be of interest to anyone with an interest in the history of Emory -- surely a far different place today than it was in 1910.  Social historians will find the volume useful for the geographic and occupational information contained, as well as for the historical information about the Emory and its Alumni Association.  Those interested in the history of the Methodist Church in the United States will find this a document of that denomination's interest in higher education for its clergy at a time when other denominations were placing less emphasis on formal education and more on religious experience.  Perhaps most importantly, it contains valuable information for family historians and genealogists.  It will add some meat to the bones of dates and places, and may even aid family historians and genealogists in locating lost family branches. And, for those with a regional orientation, it is Southern History.

How to obtain Emory Alumni Register for 1910

Download this 160 page book in PDF format for $4.25. 


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History: Emory Alumni Register - front cover

Front cover

Emory Alumni Register - Judge Chambers

Judge Chambers

Emory Alumni Register - Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Emory Alumni Register - title page

Title page







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