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New London County, CT history

We are happy to offer our first items of genealogy and local history from New London County, Connecticut.  We are actively collecting items from New London County and plan to offer additional items of historical interest soon.


Now Available for Download:

Reminiscences of Bean Hill, Norwich, CT  --  from the Connecticut Quarterly, Volume III (1897).  Today a part of the city of Norwich, clearly Bean Hill had at one time a distinct identity of its own – one that was worthy of reminiscence.  We were happy to find this article (really two articles, in consecutive numbers of the Connecticut Quarterly) for those who might wish to share in reminiscences more than a century old.  Download now, in PDF format, 23++ pages, $3.25.

 Bean Hill, Norwich, CT


275th Anniversary of the Town of Colchester, Connecticut: 1698 - 1973 -- Program of Events.   Colchester’s 275th was marked by a celebration lasting more than a week, and this document served as the program for all of it.  As well as the customary letters from elected officials, the summary town history, and the list of donors, there are many photographs of Colchester buildings, and many pages of ads by local businesses.  Also included is some ephemera – found items including a newspaper clipping, a tag inviting one to “tie one on” at the celebration, and a program of an historical fashion show conducted by the Colchester Women’s Club in honor of the 275th Anniversary.  78+ pages, including ephemera.  In PDF format, download now for $4.75.

 Colchester 275th anniversary program of events


New London, Old Whaling Port -- an article from the Connecticut Quarterly (1897) dealing primarily with aspects of New London's history in the world of whaling that was vanishing at the time the article appeared.  16+ pages, including photographs, PDF format, download now for $2.50. 

 New London: Old Whaling Port


Early Lebanon, CT -- an article from Volume II of the Connecticut Quarterly (1896) about the early years of this community.  12+ pages, including photographs, PDF format.  Download now for $3.75

 Early Lebanon, CT


Bacon Academy -- an article from Volume II of the Connecticut Quarterly (1896) about the origins and near-first century of this Colchester school.  Founded as a private school for the children of the town, and noted for its eminent graduates, it is now the name attached to the town's public high school.  21+ pages with abundant photographs, PDF format.  Download now for $3.00.

 Bacon Academy, Colchester, CT


Preston: Early Homes and Families -- a nice booklet from the Preston Historical Society (1968) providing photos of old houses in town as well as information about the families who built and subsequently owned them.  Useful for anyone with an interest in Preston, in colonial architecture, or the kind of project a town historical society can undertake with great results.  94+ pages, in PDF format.  Download now for $3.75.

 Preston, CT - Early Homes and Families


Delegates' Reports: CT Board of Agriculture (1869) -- The report from the New London County delegate begins on page 10 of this document.  See our Connecticut miscellany page for more information.


New London County items currently awaiting publication:

--Items from the Connecticut Quarterly (in progress - see above)

--Souvenir History of the New England Southern Conference (Methodist), Volume II, Norwich District (1897)

Needless to say, we're always looking for additional New London County material to publish.

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