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Don't Bring Me Posies

(It's Shoesies That I Need)

Words by Billy McCabe and Clarence Jennings; Music by Fred Rose (1921)

Irving Berlin had advanced quite a bit in the ten years that had elapsed between his publiation of Everybody's Doin' It Now and 1921, when the sheet music for Don't Bring Me Posies came out.  In fact, he was now Irving Berlin, Inc., Music Publishers! 

We are happy to offer the original sheet music of Don't Bring Me Posies for download as a PDF file.  The download includes the colorful original cover, and the price is $3.50. Charge it to your credit card or PayPal account.

 Don't Bring Me Posies

Note that the cover of the sheet music portrays a singer wearing blackface.  While that would be unacceptable today, a century ago it was not uncommon for singers (both black and white) to affect blackface makeup. In another cultural change, the theme of the song is "stage door johnnies" pursuing a chorus girl.  Whether a popular song appealing to all ages dealing with such obvious sexism would be acceptable today is a question to ponder.

We were able to find you a piano roll version of this one on YouTube -- it should give you a sense of what it sounds like when you tickle the ivories yourself!!


And here's a dance band version from the Library of Congress:


Kind of catchy, isn't it!  Like it?  Want to try it on your own piano?  Perhaps that old upright piano in your own front parlor?  Then, by all means, get the sheet music! 

Don't Bring Me Posies

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Since the lyrics....

...have to do with the plight of an underpaid chorus girl on Broadway whose suitors keep bringing her bouquets when she has holes in her shoes and really could use some money in addition to the very limited stipend she received before the Union, we would be remiss to mention that our intern, Eleanore Jenks, as well as loving local history, is a huge fan of Broadway theatre, including its history -- you might even call her a Broadway lover!  She's also pretty knowledgeable about the theatre in general, and she shares some of her knowledge via her blog, which is entitled:  "Broadway Lover:  Everything Broadway".  If you have a few minutes, take a look at her blog, which you can find at Broadwaylover.org -- we think you'll enjoy it!













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