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Beckley Iron Furnace photos -- East Canaan CT

Some photos of Beckley Furnace in 2003

Here are a few views of the Beckley Furnace complex taken on July 5, 2003 -- the first day that the old plant offices were open to visitors -- and on July 25 of the same year.  Please click on any of the pictures to see it full-sized.

beckley_front_01.jpg (78266 bytes)

Beckley Furnace from the front

beckley_from_bridge_01.jpg (145429 bytes)

View from the bridge leading to the slag heaps

beckley_from_brook_02.jpg (168028 bytes)

Seen from across the Blackberry River

beckley_from_brook_03.jpg (196549 bytes)

Viewed from further upriver

hearth.jpg (152158 bytes)

Restored hearth of the furnace

pipes.jpg (178190 bytes)

Pipes to blow heated air into the furnace (see next photo for explanation)

info.jpg (94786 bytes)

Everything you ever wanted to know about a Tuyere Arch

stack.jpg (53799 bytes)

A view up the stack!

turbine.jpg (183964 bytes)

Turbine mechanism used to start the process of converting water power to heated air blown into the furnace

dam.jpg (248102 bytes)

The dam -- great water volume in these pictures due to our wet spring and recent rainfall

visitors.jpg (226313 bytes)

Some kids who were visiting Beckley that day.

top_of_dam_1.jpg (179430 bytes)

View from the top of the dam

group_from_dam1.jpg (177809 bytes)

Previous family group, seen from the top of the dam

blower_tip.jpg (155735 bytes)

In the office: an actual Tuyere tip -- used to blow hot air into the furnace (pigs of iron in front)

doorway_detail.jpg (105727 bytes)

In the office:  doorway detail.  Not elaborate, but nice for the paymaster's office of a blast furnace!

paywindow.jpg (142286 bytes)

In the office:  the original Paymaster's window

plant.jpg (125472 bytes)

Current exhibit -- Iron industry art by Walter Michaels

charcoal_burning.jpg (158426 bytes)

Current exhibit:  Charcoal burning

water_wheel.jpg (137860 bytes)

Current exhibit:  water wheel driving blower (preceded turbine)

salamander02.jpg (179852 bytes)

A "Salamander" -- formed when the molten iron solidifies INSIDE the furnace.  In this business, a salamander is a REAL problem!

cutaway_slag_heap.jpg (211179 bytes)

Cutaway view of a slag heap across the Blackberry River

beckley_slag_02.jpg (192567 bytes)

Some "Beckley slag"

machine_in_woods_03.jpg (155101 bytes)

Abandoned machinery near the slag heap

machine_in_woods_04.jpg (163550 bytes)

More abandoned machinery

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