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Beckley Furnace owner/management - the Barnum family

Barnum Family Photographs

In its later years, Beckley Furnace was owned by the Barnum Richardson Company.  Until his death, the President of that company was William Henry Barnum, for a portion of the period the junior U. S. Senator from Connecticut. 

Who Was Who provides the following capsule biography of Barnum:

BARNUM, William Henry; senator, congressman, mfr.; b. Boston Corner, Columbia County, NY, Sept. 17, 1818; attended common schs.  Apprenticed to iron founder; became partner (with father) in iron business, Lime Rock, Litchfield County, CT;  Member CT Ho. of Reps., 1851 - 52; mem. US Ho. of Reps. (Democrat) from CT, 40th - 44th Congresses, 1867 - May 18, 1876(resigned); mem. US Senate (Democrat, filled vacancy) from CT May 18, 1876-79; del. Dem. Nat. Conv., 1868, 72, 76, 80, 84, 88; chmn, Dem. Nat. Com., 1876-89.  Died Lime Rock, Apr. 30, 1889; buried Lime Rock Cemetery.

The photos below are snapshots of the framed originals in the archives of Trinity Church, Lime Rock, "The Church that Iron Built" -- more specifically, the church that William H. Barnum built in Lime Rock, his "company town".  More information about the Barnum family is available in the History section of Trinity's website

A recent addition to our website is photographs of the gravestones from the Lime Rock Cemetery of the Barnum family (and others), and soon to be added are photographs and ephemera of Lime Rock village.   Lime Rock Cemetery to visit the Lime Rock Cemetery.

Senator and Mrs. Barnum and family

Senator and Mrs. Barnum and family


William H. Barnum, President of Barnum Richardson Company

Senator Barnum


Senator William H. Barnum

Senator Barnum in his later years


We've also located a Barnum family genealogy website, for those who might be interested!  Barnum genealogy website to visit that website -- but don't forget to come back!


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