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Abbreviations for Organizations

New!!Nearly five years ago we decided to publish the collection of abbreviations, acronyms, and initializations for organizations of all kind that we had been compiling since we were immersed in abbreviation of this type in the Army circa 1964.  That, at 315 pages, was a substantial collection -- and you can still purchase that version, called What Does That Stand For? on Amazon.com if you are so inclined.

That version was barely published before we began to be aware that we could do a whole lot better than  that.  So, ever since, we have been collecting more acronyms, initializations, and abbreviations for organizations of all kinds -- and in the process, added whole categories of codes for organizations, including airline codes, rail car codes, stock ticker symbols, and and we also beefed up categories we had touched upon in the first book.

This is the result of those additional years:

Acronyms for Organizations

Nearly twice the pages of the previous version, we feel a whole lot more comfortable that this one will serve most people's  needs when they encounter acronyms, initializations, or abbreviations for what contextually appear to be organizations. 

A caveat:  this book is a place to start, a place to look first when you encounter an acronym, an initialism, or an abbreviation that context tells you represents an organization.  We'll give you some possibilties of names of organizations this combination of letters might have once represented, or might represent today.  In addition, we try to categorize the organization, just in case even the organization's full name doesn't clarify thing all that much.  The collection is based on the English language (with only a few in others) and generally concentrates on organizations in the United States -- again, with exceptions.

To give you some particulars about the book itself:

Yes, the book is in paperback, and it is also available for Kindle:

Paperback edition:  562 pages, $23.99

Kindle edition:  598 pages, $13.99

(if you buy the paperback edition, you can also get the Kindle edition for a small additional charge). 

Amazon will let you examine the book pretty closely before you buy, and we recommend that you do so.

If you like it, please review it on Amazon!  (Actually, even negative reviews are welcome if you buy it and decide it was a terrible purchase -- we learn that way how to do better in the future.)

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