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Rhode Island History and Genealogy

Rhode Island history and genealogy

History: Warwick RI and south


Our first collection of Rhode Island history and genealogy is no longer available as we have phased out our CD-ROMs in favor of individual downloads.   These downloads are now available -- please see below.

About CD-ROMs

Here's what this volume contains:

  • The Early Records of the Town of Warwick

    A truly fascinating historical document. It's the 1926 transcription of these 17th century records, translated from the original "Gorton shorthand" -- including examples of the shorthand itself.  362 pages, including four indexes.  It's not been historically proven, but the assumption is that these minutes and notes were taken by Samuel Gorton himself.

    If you've got ancestors from the "Gorton country" in Rhode Island, you may very well find them in this volume.  Some of the surnames with the most entries are Arnold, Calverly, Carder, Gorton, Greene, Holden, Holliman, Lippitt, Potter, Smith, Stafford, Sweet, Todd, Townsend, Warner, Westcott, and Wicks, but there are lots more as well.  To help you decide if the person or place (there's a separate index of place names) is included in this volume, we've provided the indexes from the volume here on the website so you can check.  Please take a look at the indexes to Early Records of the Town of Warwick; they will help you decide whether the information in this volume will be of use to you.

    (Note:  this volume may be found online as a free download, and we encourage you to check to see what is available "for free" meets your needs.  However, you may find that the high resolution and other conveniences of our PDF version is worth paying for.)  This download, including a total of 372 page (includes covers, etc.), $3.50. 



  • Tax Book and Valuation of Property, Town of West Greenwich, for 1889.

Only 21 pages in length, but lots of names and, of particular interest, includes notes about the properties being valued (e.g. standing timber on ___ property, etc.).  In addition to real and personal property valuations by owner's name, there's a highway tax list, a poll tax list, the treasurer's report (including the school fund and the dog fund), and a list of the town officers.  Lots of familiar Rhode Island names in this one!  Useful for any genealogist, or local or family historian with an interest in West Greenwich in this period.  PDF format, download now for $4.00. 



  • Minutes of the Rhode Island Congregational Conference, held with the Congregational Church, Westerly, 1877.

This 68 page volume also includes the minutes of the autumn 1876 meeting.  This book includes more than its title  suggests.  The contents include the notices and constitution customary in such books, the minutes of the two meetings   cited, reports from each Congregational church in Rhode Island, the report of the Rhode Island Home Missionary Society, a pastoral letter, memorials of deceased Congregational ministers, statistics (membership, etc.) of the churches, expenditures, tables including past conferences, church membership since 1846, members, notices, etc. for the Rhode Island Association of Orthodox Congregational Ministers, summary of statistics, and postal addresses of ministers.  It is of obvious genealogical value not only for descendants of the ministers mentioned, but also for those with any connection to the churches identified.  The rather small number of Congregationalists in Rhode Island is interesting in itself.  N.B.  This volume applies to all Congregational Churches in Rhode Island, and was somewhat arbitrarily included on this CD-ROM due to the site of the meeting.  Now available as a download in PDF format for just $3.00.



  • The Chronicle of West Warwick High School for 1930 and 1932

We included these two excellent high school yearbooks on the CD-ROM and both are now available as downloads. Both include information on alumni, sure to be of interest to those who are researching people who graduated earlier.  One is 136+ pages and the other is 147+ pages and include additional information about the school (and therefore the community) as well as advertisements.

1930 Chronicle -- in PDF format -- $4.00



1932 Chronicle -- in PDF format -- $4.00



  • Westerly High School 1934 senior yearbook

A slender, soft-covered volume, stylistically more in the 1920s than the 1930s.  Only 47 pages, but, if you are interested in someone who was a senior that year, absolutely indispensible.   Download now in PDF format for $4.00.



  • Topographic maps and pictures

The original CD-ROM included topographic maps of Rhode Island that are freely available onlline, so it made little sense to also sell them as downloads.  It takes a lot of topographic maps to cover this two-county area of Rhode Island, and we feel you're better served by pursuing them as free downloads.  Remember:  Google is your friend!

The few photographs included on the CD-ROM were not up to our usual standards, so we've not converted them to downloads.  Several were postcard images, again usually freely available online for download.



The Rhode Island Historical Collection #1 CD-ROM has now been converted to a series of individual downloads.  Please see above for specifics.  The CD-ROM itself is no longer available.


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