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Barnard College Yearbooks from the 1920s

About Barnard's "Mortarboards":

Barnard College, one of the "Seven Sister" schools, is a fascinating study in Women's education in the United States.  Their "Mortarboards" of 1922, 1923, and 1924 provide a glimpse from the inside of this rapidly evolving process. 

As well, these yearbooks provide photographs of students, faculty, and both the College and Morningside Heights, biographical and historical material, and essays -- including humorous ones -- and, of course, advertising of the period. The historic relationship between Columbia University and Barnard is implicitly explored in all three volumes. 

About this project:

Between the Lakes Group occasionally makes available on CD-ROM material that is of potential interest to a limited audience, but which is difficult or impossible to locate in hard copy, and which is far too specialized in terms of subject matter to justify reprinting.  We attempt to do this at a modest price -- generally in the $15 - $20 range.

We would like to determine if sufficient interest exists to justify scanning these three Barnard College yearbooks for a CD-ROM before we undertake actual production. You can help us make the decision to move ahead with this project.
If this CD-ROM is of potential interest to you, please contact us via our contact page, and subscribe to our occasional e-mail newsletter.  Neither obligates you you in any way to purchase the CD-ROM, and emphatically we will NOT share, sell, or otherwise make use of your e-mail address.  However, if we can identify sufficient interest to justify pursuing the project, we will send you an e-mail when the CD-ROM is ready.
Thank you for your interest in this project.
Geoff Brown
p.s.  If you would like to correspond with us about this project, please go to our contact page and tell us about your interest.

  We're always glad to hear from you!

p.p.s.  In an effort to determine the level of interest in this project, as first steps we have republished the Barnard College Announcement (i.e. college catalog) for 1923 - 1924, as well as the Barnard College Song Book (1920) as downloads.  Please see our New York County page for more information about these two.

Thank you for your interest in this project!!


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