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Broome County, NY History

Broome County, NY History Genealogy Americana

We are happy to offer our first items of genealogy and local history from Broome County, NY, and we plan to offer additional items of historical interest soon.


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The Broome County chapter in Mather & Brockett's Geographical History of the State of New York (1848). The compilers were not consistent in the level of coverage they gave the various counties, and sadly Broome County was one that got short shrift.  Nonetheless, we feel the information contained in these pages is essential. In addition to the three pages on Broome County, we include two more pages on the various patents and land grants that underly the counties. 3++ pages, in PDF format, download now for $2.00.

Broome County, from Mather & Brockett


The Broome County chapter from French's Gazetteer of the State of New York (1860). Here is a look at Broome County a bit over a decade after Mather & Brockett's treatment of the subject.  The localities mentioned in this chapter, most of which are still extant today, are: Binghamton, Hawleyton, Barker, Chenango Forks, Chenango, Castle Creek, Glen Castle, Kattelville, Colesville, Harpersville, Center Village, New Ohio, Osborne Hollow, West Colesville, Colesville, Ouquaga, Nineveh, Valonia Springs, Unitaria, Conklin, Kirkwood, Conklin Cneter, Corbettsville, Millburn, Lisle, Yorkshire, Killawog, Maine, East Maine, Nanticoke, Lambs Corners, Nanticoke Springs, Glen Aubrey, Port Crane, Doraville, Sanford, Deposit, North Sanford, Gulf Summit, Triangle, Whitneys Point, Upper Lisle, Union, Union Center, Hooper, Vestal, Vestal Center, Tracy Creek, Windsor, Stillson Hollow, and Randolph Center.  8+ pages, PDF format, download now for $3.00

Broome County from French's Gazetteer, 1860


Charity in New York State in 1906:  Broome County.  We are in the process of republishing sections of volume II of the Annual Report of the State Board of Charities for the year 1906.  The material will be of interest to local historians who wish a better picture of charitable institutions in their locale a century ago, to genealogists and family historians interested in the people who administered charity back then as well as how any unfortunates housed in these facilities may have lived, and to those who have questions about the now-politicized "safety net" for the unfortunates in our society back in those years.  This section addresses the public and private charities in Broome County in 1906 that were registered with the State Board of Charities. 7++ pages, in PDF format, download now for $2.00.

 Broome County Charity - 1906

See also: Hotchkin's History of Western New York State, available on CD-ROM.


Broome County was separated from Tioga County in 1806.  You may also want to consult our Tioga County page for locations that may have been affected by this transaction.


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