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QUERY:  Steam irons made in Falls Village?  The Blakeney Cooperative Co.?

Recently we saw what we think is a real oddity:  a "steam iron" that isn't electric -- one that, like other old irons one sees at antique shows and tag sales, was heated on the family range before ironing with it.  Making this even more interesting is the fact that this iron was manufactured in Falls Village!  The owner of the iron would like to learn more about it, so would we -- and so would the Falls Village -- Canaan Historical Society!!

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FVsteamiron1.jpg (57373 bytes) FVsteamiron2.jpg (81569 bytes) FVsteamiron3.jpg (81635 bytes)
FVsteamiron4.jpg (92636 bytes) FVsteamiron5.jpg (89168 bytes) Falls Village Steam Iron -- view 6
The nameplate on the iron reads as follows:


The Blakeney Co-operative Co.

Falls Village, Conn.

Pat. Feb. 28, 1911

Do you know anything about this kind of iron?  Anything about the makers (there were evidently many small manufacturing businesses in Falls Village at the turn of the 20th century)?  

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